Equine Assisted Activities

Therapeutic Riding Lessons:

Lessons are taught by certified therapeutic riding instructor and provide each rider a unique experience. We use a team of 1-3 volunteers per rider to assist during each lesson. Riders participate in tasks and games that encourage physical strengthening and cognitive improvement, while learning basic riding skills. Instruction is tailored to fit each of our rider’s specific needs and to help improve their levels of strength, balance, mobility and confidence during the riding experience. The emphasis is on developing riding skills in a safe environment that is both therapeutic and fun. Specific goals are set for each rider at the beginning of a session based upon input from the rider’s parents, physician, and therapists.

Who can benefit? Individuals with:

Autism and related spectrum disorders (Asperger’s and PDD)
Cerebral Palsy
Down Syndrome
Developmental Delay
Traumatic Brain Injury
Spinal Cord Injury
Balance and Coordination Disorders
Cognitive Delays
• Neurological Diseases
• Psychosocial Disorders
• Speech and Language Delays (Apraxia, Stuttering, Socialization, Articulation, etc.)• Feeding and Eating Disorders
• Sensory Integrative Disorders
• Gross Motor and Fine Motor Delays
• Gait Disturbances
• Stroke/ CVA
• Ataxia
• Prader-Willi Syndrome
• Fragile X
• Weight Control and Physical Fitness

Private Lesson

  • 30 Minute Lesson

Group Lesson

  • 45 Minute Lesson
Payment policy:

Full tuition is based on the fee for a four-week session. In the case of per diem students, payment is due each week. Cavalia Stables Foundation is a Charitable Partner that offers diverse and limited scholarships that can partially or completely fund your tuition.

  • Tuition balances are due at the start of the session, and will take into consideration any other forms of tuition support (CF awards and other scholarships.)
  • If a student is unable to pay the balance in the time requested, a payment plan will be established with the office.
  • A student may not enroll in another session until their balance is paid in full, or it is established that their payment plan extends beyond this time frame.
  • All agencies/schools will be invoiced during the session, once other forms of payment have been determined.

    Tuition funding resources
  • We are always available to help you as you consider these funding resources. In addition to the resources listed below, we can offer help through our partner Cavalia Stables Foundation 501(c)(3). Please call Cavalia’s  Foundation office at (954) 541-5315

Our charitable partner Cavalia Stables Foundation give scholarships based on economic need and/or disability-specific needs. If your are interested in knowing more about the Angels Scholarship click here.

Angels Scholarship Application (PDF)

Additional considerations:

  • Enrollment midway through a session is considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • For the health of our horses and the safety of our riders and side walkers, we generally do not accommodate riders in excess of 200 lbs. In mounted sessions. Alternative means of interaction with horses, such as grooming and horsemanship, will be recommended for individuals who would still like to participate in an equine-facilitated activity.
  • Students with specific treatment plans that include specialized emergency procedures, medical prescriptions, or actions to be taken around behavioral issues, must have a parent/caregiver accompany them to each session at Cavalia.
  • Some students may be difficult to provide services for because of a physical, mental or behavioral challenge that scares or threatens those around them, most especially the horses. Cavalia staff will attempt to create the best student, horse, staff and side walker combinations possible. Cavalia reserves the right to deny or remove a student from a therapy session if their actions jeopardize the safety of the horses, staff, or him/herself.