Our Equitation and Jumping School Include:


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The student gets familiarized with the horse and its gaits. The student learns to walk, trot and canter with the instructor holding the horse with a rope. The student begins to understand the use of hands, legs and seat.

Duration: 30 min.

The student begins to apply the aids and manage the horse on his/her own (advance, stop, turn). The student works in his/her posture and seat. The student learns basic equitation exercises such as: circles, diagonals, half turns, serpentines, etc.

Duration: 35 min.

The student accomplishes all the exercises learned in level II and works on perfectioning them and begins the practice of jumping crosses up to 0,60m. The student achieves a continuity and fluidity in his/her flat work.

Duration: 35 min

The student has advanced in his/her jumping technique and begins to jump vertical obstacles up to 0.60m. The student begins to work on perfectioning his/her jumping style and position. The student needs to maintain fluidity and continuity in the different jumping exercises.

Duration: 35 min

The student begins to work on more complex equitation and jumping exercises: Changing leads while galloping, move forward and shorten the horse at all gaits, transitions between the different gaits, open and close circles at all gaits. The student begins to jump obstacles up to 0.80 m. The student begins to train for competition.

Duration: 35 min


Dressage is a French term meaning “training” and its purpose is to develop the horse’s natural athletic ability and willingness to work making him calm, supple and attentive to his rider.

If you are a history buff, you might be interested in reading more about the beginnings of dressage that date back to Xenophon in Greece and include a long line of riding masters, both from the military and the famous riding schools which developed during the Baroque era.

Our Competitive Team:

Once the student passes all five training levels and enters Cavalia’s competitive team the student will change trainers to our advanced trainer. The student will no longer train in group classes but in individual lessons as determined by the advanced trainer. The student will attend competitions of higher level and the student will need to lease or buy his/her own horse, the student can no longer use the school horses. The student will need to train on a more regular basis and the working program will be more rigorous.

Determined by the Trainer – Only the students in the competitive team can ride on their own, but always under the supervision of a professional from the company. 


Competitions up to 1m


Competitions up to 1.20m


Competitions up to 1.40m

High Competition:

Professional Level higher than 1.40m

The duration of a student in each level is relative and will vary depending on each student’s own performance. It is the sole discretion of the trainers to evaluate each student every 3 months or so to advance the student onto the next level.

All the classes are practical ridden lessons. There will only be theoretical classes by students or parent’s demand and they will be given outside regular business hours and with additional fees.

Lectures and Clinics:

Are offered throughout the year on subjects such as riding disciplines, showing, horse care and stable management, horse ownership, trail riding and many other topics. These are on a demand basis and have additional costs.

School Horse Shows:

Provide a great opportunity for our students to hone their showing skills. Our school horse shows are offered several times throughout the year. We also sponsor holiday events and other family activities and fun games.

Horse Lease Program:

Prepare for the show season or sharpen your riding skills. The Cavalia horse lease program gives you a practical alternative to owning a horse. Lease start on the 1st or 15th and guarantee the horse of your choice.