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CSF initially started as an idea out of Cavalia’s Stables founders to help out children who are physically or mentally challenged. Their desire was to improve their being by the use of techniques involving horses. The Foundation is currently working on all the legal aspect of forming as a non-profit organization but is currently working as an independent private company. By using all the assets that Cavalia Stables has available, we allow the Foundation to assist in comprehensive exercises to these children.


What is Cavalia Foundation? We are a non profit organization that provides equestrian equestrian mentoring programs for challenged children and youth of South Florida. The Foundation’s mission is to raise scholarships for the students who participate at Cavalia Foundation with special needs.

Our mission is to inspire and empower the lives of children with cognitive, physical, emotional, behavioral disabilities, victims of abuse or poverty by providing a comprehensive equestrian experience that transforms lives through horses.
To be the bridge between the rider and the horse that helps all children reach their own potential and improve a quality of lifestyle through a comprehensive equestrian experience. Needs Work
We are a team of visionary women that have experienced the miracle of horses in our lives and the ones of other individuals.